Welding Essentials: Best Welding Helmets for the Money

Welding Essentials: Best Welding Helmets for the Money
Welding is a very important mechanical process that has a lot of applications in many different industries. The process of welding is a method of joining metals together by melting them and fusing them into another joint using both heat and pressure.

Just like any other mechanical processes, there are general hazards that welders are exposed to, such as burns, penetration, impact fumes, arc flashes, and radiation. As a result of subjecting the metal to heat, toxic fumes and harmful dust are released into the air which the welder can inhale.

Exposure to these substances on a regular basis and for extended periods can have serious damages to a person’s respiratory system. Aside from harming your lungs, welding can also cause damages to your eyes if you don’t take wearing protective equipment seriously.

Without eye protection, you are exposed to getting shards of hot metal into your eyes, not to mention arc flashes and skin burns. There’s also the risk of electric shock and explosions from the compressed gas cylinders.

You see, there are a number of dangers that a welder is faced when doing his job. The importance of taking precautions can’t be stressed enough.

Welding Safety

If you think about it, danger really is everywhere. No matter what you do and no matter how cautious you are, you can’t eliminate all of the possibilities of you being vulnerable to any forms of danger or health risks.

This is why, in whatever you do, be sure to take the proper precautions just to ensure your safety, especially if you are doing tasks such as welding. If you are, then you need to know the following safety precautions that should be observed and followed to guarantee your safety, or at least reduce the likelihood of you getting hurt.

  • Make sure the welding area has been inspected, and you’re working for a company that has a permit
  • Fire extinguishers are readily available
  • All combustibles are stored in an area at least 30 feet away from where you’re working
  • There’s a functional ventilation system to help get rid of the toxic fumes
  • Wear the appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment to ensure your safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For every welder, working in long sleeve jackets, work pants or overalls, and safety shoes is enough. Also, PPE basically consists of a helmet, gloves, goggles and a mask.

Out of all these items, the most useful and essential protective gear that a welder can wear is the helmet.

Welding helmets provide the most protection from the majority of the risks that a welder faces on the job. It covers the eyes, nose, face, neck, and ears; which means that it can keep you safe from the major dangers that you are exposed to when working.
What exactly are the properties of a welding helmet that makes it the most important protective gear for this job?

Solid and durable construction.

A welding helmet is usually made of a highly durable material that provides protection from any sharp or hot metal shards that could get into your eyes. It also keeps your face and neck skin from getting burned due to the extremely hot welding equipment that you are using.

Viewing Lens.

A welding helmet has a viewing lens which is usually made of standard glass. Most products these days make use of a material with auto-darkening properties which enables the welder to see clearly and easily adjust his eyes to the intensity of surrounding light after each torch placement.

Because the filters adjust automatically, there won’t be any need for constantly lifting the helmet to check the welded area. The filters used in a welding helmet come in different shades, it boils down to the welder’s preference which filter is more suitable for him and the nature of his welding tasks.

Power source.

Advanced welding helmets make use of sensors to effectively adjust the filters especially when they shift from one project to another. These sensors are usually powered by AAA batteries. Some advanced welding helmet models use solar power and incorporate solar panels in the helmet’s design.

Sensitivity and Response controls.

For some welding tasks, just like TIG welding which is usually done in low amperages, the arc isn’t as bright as with other welding process and thus requires sensitivity and delay controls to properly adjust the filter’s shade according to the brightness of the environment.

Choosing a Welding Helmet

There are hundreds of welding helmet products available in the market today. If you’re new to this field, wrapping your head around the different things to consider when choosing the ideal welding helmet for you can be pretty tough.

To help you out, here is a list of features that you should look for in a welding helmet.

Auto-darkening lens

There are some advantages in using a passive lens, but helmets with auto-darkening features have more advanced properties that will allow you to maximize the use of your helmet for other welding processes as well.

Solar Power

A welding helmet powered with solar panels is environment-friendly and very convenient to recharge. Some advanced helmets only need around 2 hours of charging.

Compatibility with accessories

Some welding helmets allow the use of other accessories such as goggles and masks for secondary protection.

To get you started, here are 5 of the best sellers to consider:

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is the perfect welding helmet for those who are looking for a combination of quality and affordability. It’s one of the popular low budget helmets that you can find in the market which has the excellent quality of high-end products.

Antra has been producing durable and versatile products for the benefit of beginner and professional welders alike. It’s been in the industry for quite some time, and it knows what the welders need. It delivers top-notch quality for the most reasonable price.

Key Features and Advantages

The AH6-260-0000 is Antra’s masterpiece. It has very advanced features that are very rare among low budget welding helmet products. These features include:

  • Efficient auto-darkening lens that works with a smart chip with 4 premium sensors which ensures maximum sensitivity
  • Improved sensitivity feature
  • Very responsive auto-darkening mechanism
  • Versatile functionality, with applications for MIG, TIG, MMA, and Plasma welding processes
  • Works for grinding tasks and ARC applications
  • Perfect size intended for maximum protection, covering the head and neck
  • Versatile helmet to accommodate accessories including cheater and magnifying lenses
  • Helmet tightening mechanism with tension adjustment

Things to look out for

  • The Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet may not be that comfortable for those with larger-than-average heads.

Bottom line

Antra is one of the most trusted manufacturers of protective equipment for industrial and construction use, and the AH6-260-0000 is its masterpiece. It is known for its durability and versatility.

It is designed for a wide array of applications while providing top-notch clarity. You can never go wrong with Antra’s AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet.

HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield

The HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield is designed to bring safety and protection in the most comfortable way possible. It’s made of high-quality materials intended for enhanced visibility and maximum comfort. Honeywell is popular for its commitment to providing top notch quality even for its mid-range products.

For a very reasonable price, you can experience welding helmet features that you can rarely see in other products available at this price point.

Key Features and Advantages

The HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield is considered as one of the toughest helmets in the market because of its enhanced features designed to provide maximum protection to welders.

  • Very durable construction, providing protection from airborne debris, chemical splash, and UV/IR rays
  • Enhanced optics designed for increased visibility
  • Conveniently adjustable and replaceable visor made of high-quality polycarbonate material
  • Secure attachment for helmet parts and other accessories
  • Comes n multiple tint options
  • Lightweight and ergonomic construction
  • Customizable dual-position setting of the cell foam making it very comfortable to use even for extended periods
  • Breathable headband design which can be conveniently removed for washing

Things to look out for

  • lenses are prone to scratching
  • Head strap design can make wearing over-the-ear protection a bit challenging

Bottom line

Coming in as a perfect combination of comfortable, durable, and lightweight features, the HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield has become quite a popular item among beginner and professional welders alike. One look at the feedbacks posted online for this welding helmet will tell you just how good its performance is.

Also, with its very affordable price, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get you to invest in this product. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a durable welding helmet because HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield can give it to you for a surprisingly affordable price.

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet

If you do welding for a living, then it is important that you spend your resources to have your own set of tools for you to use. In order to get the most of your money’s worth, you have to make sure that you invest on the best product.

Well, you can never go wrong with the Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet. With this welding helmet, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to ensure that you have the best quality. It has proven its durability and is known to withstand any abuse when welding. Its excellent quality is the reason why professional welders can easily recommend this product.

Key Features and Advantages

Lincoln Electric always delivers. They have designed the VIKING 3350 – another top-notch product that has enhanced features intended to add protection and comfort while you are doing your welding work.

  • Comes in 10 different styles that you can choose from
  • Conveniently large viewing area for more head movement freedom
  • Efficient 4c lens technology bringing optical clarity
  • Adjustable sensitivities range from DIN 6 to 13
  • Sensitive and responsive filters with 4 very efficient sensors
  • Versatile helmet which you can use even on tasks with low amperage
  • Comfortable and lightweight construction causing less fatigue even for extended periods of use
  • Compatible with other welding accessories like magnifying lenses

Things to look out for

  • Shiny black outer surface scratches easily

Bottom line

Lincoln Electric is one of the trusted brands in the industry, and it has proven itself time and again with the excellent performance of the Viking 3350. It is a highly recommended product because it is one of the toughest, safest, and clearest welding helmets in the market.

The lens’ superb quality and the large viewing port are just two of the highlighted features of this product. Also, for a price that is surprisingly cheap for a product with these specifications, the Viking 3350 will surely give you a bang for your buck.

Fibre-Metal (North 110PWE) by Honeywell Piperliner Welding Helmet

If you think you need to invest in a really expensive welding helmet to get the features that you are looking for, think again. The Fibre-Metal (North 110PWE) by Honeywell Piperliner Welding Helmet has everything you are looking for in a welding helmet at a very generous price.

You don’t have to look someplace else or spend a fortune on your personal protective equipment. Just check the features of the North 110PWE and you’ll see it’s everything you need.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Combines the durability and versatility of a high-end helmet
  • Accommodates either a passive or auto-darkening lens with its interchangeable lens property
  • Available with a passive lens with #10 shade
  • Extremely durable helmet made of a specially formulated SuperGlas material
  • Effective sparks and splatter deflective properties
  • Very lightweight and compact construction, weighs only about 1.6 pounds, causing less fatigue for long hours of use

Things to look out for

  • Rubber band headgear design may cause discomfort to those who have larger-than-average head
  • Orange lenses may not be ideal for you

Bottom line

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Piperliner Welding Helmet is a well-designed welding helmet, addressing all of the major needs of any average welder. It uses material of really high quality, giving you the best value for your money.

The overall design is intended to provide both pro welders and hobbyists alike maximum protection and comfort as they finish their welding project. For a very affordable price, you will get the quality that you deserve.

Instapark ADF Series GX-350S Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

There are hundreds of welding helmet models available in the market, and finding the best one that will suit all of your welding needs can be quite a tedious task. But you really don’t have to look far to get a reliable and affordable product. The Instapark ADF Series GX-350S Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet can give you everything you are looking for in a welding helmet for an incredibly affordable price.

Being one of the longest running manufacturers for welding helmets in the market, Instapark already knows what the welders actually need. The GX-350S is proof that they are committed to providing the best products that their customers can ever ask for.

Key Features and Advantages

Instapark has, time and again, proven why it is one of the most reputable brands in the industry.

  • Effective auto-darkening filter removes the need to constantly lift the helmet in between torch placements
  • Dual arc sensors work efficiently in adjusting the filter according to the surrounding light as you switch from one task to another
  • Efficiently reduces fatigue on the eyes with its increased visibility of 1/2/1/3 optic denomination
  • Maintains high level of optical clarity while protecting your eyes from UV or infrared radiation.
  • Solar panel battery is very quick and easy to recharge
  • Very comfortable mask with padded interior, providing comfort for long welding hours

Things to look out for

  • Helmet could use a larger viewing port

Bottom line

The GX-350S is undoubtedly the best welding helmet Instapark has released ever. It is highly recommended by professional welders because of its advanced features. Not only does it have excellent auto-darkening features, this helmet also sports two very efficient sensors that make the filter adjustment easier.

The solar panel batteries make it an environment-friendly welding helmet, not to mention energy-efficient. Most of its features are rarely available in a product at this price point. Investing on the GX-350S is going to be worth every cent.