HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield Review

HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield Review

Welding is an important process in many mechanical tasks. It may look like a straightforward job, but you can get hurt or injured if you don’t observe safety tips while working.

One of the hazards that you are exposed to when you’re welding is the danger of inhaling fumes and gasses. Fumes that are released during this process contain harmful substances such as toxic metal oxide compounds.

Safety is very critical in welding, just like in any other construction or fabrication work. As long as you follow proper precautions, you can minimize or completely avoid any injuries.

Proper ventilation and wearing of proper protective gear are important. Your workshop must have an efficient exhaust system with removable hoods in order to get rid of the dangerous fumes when working.

Also, the use of high-quality helmets is imperative. The best kind is the one that has side shields that protect the eyes from exposure to sparks and arc rays. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good welding helmet.

There are low budget helmets on the market that offer the features that you are looking for. With the hundreds of products that are available, it can be tricky to find the best one, but you can always start with the best sellers like the HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield.

Key Features

The HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield has received positive feedbacks from customers who have experienced using it. According to product review sites, this helmet is a perfect combination of durable, lightweight, and comfortable features.

  • High-quality material for enhanced protection against debris
  • Maximized visibility with excellent optics
  • Secure and adjustable visor attachment
  • Very ergonomic, lightweight and well-balanced design with comfortable cell foam for extended use
  • Conveniently removable and washable headband with a breathable design
  • Double protection, can be worn with goggles and respirators
  • Stylish Black Matte Finish


The HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield has enhanced properties that make it one of the toughest helmets in the market. It offers maximum protection from airborne debris, chemical splash, and UV/IR rays.

It has excellent optics that are intended for increased visibility. It comes with a replaceable visor made of high-quality polycarbonate material that is clear and very easy to adjust and remove.

The visor can be securely attached, and it comes in multiple tint options. The overall design of this face shield is intended to make the welder both safe and comfortable; it is very lightweight and ergonomic. The cell foam added on the back of the head gear, and its customizable dual-position setting, make it very comfortable even for extended use.

The headband has a breathable design and can be conveniently removed for washing. It is also perfect for those who want to wear secondary protective gear inside the face shield, such as goggles or spectacles. This helmet meets the ANSI Z87 + (High Impact) and has been certified with the CSA Z94.3 standards.


For a low budget welding helmet, the properties of the HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield are very impressive, but it is not perfect. This helmet has some drawbacks, for some customers, they’ve noticed the lenses scratches more easily, also, it can be challenging to wear over-the-ear protection because of how the head straps are designed.


Designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for welders, you can use the HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield for extended hours, and you can rest assured that your comfort and safety will not be compromised. Its polycarbonate window is panoramic and clear, increasing visibility while minimizing blind spots as you work.

It has added features that make it very comfortable to use, such as the cell foam and the adjustable visor, you can conveniently adjust the head straps to ensure a snug and secure fit. For its price, there’s absolutely no reason why you’d second-guess buying this welding helmet.


The HONEYWELL S8500 Bionic Face Shield is an excellent product. The features that you can get from this product are something that you rarely see in a low budget welding helmet.

However, one drawback that is absolutely not a deal breaker is the matte black finish which easily scratches. One other product that has this flaw is the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet.

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