Welding Helmet Brands

Welding Helmet Brands

Welding is a risky job that requires the use of protective gear in order to keep you safe from injury. It can be quite dangerous to perform this job due to the electric sparks and sometimes flames that can be produced while using it. These can cause eye and facial injuries upon contact.

The brightness of the flames also produce intense ultraviolet and gamma rays, which are very damaging to your eyesight with continuous use. For these reasons, special gear to protect yourself is imperative.

By using a welding helmet, you can protect your head during a welding job. Nowadays, welding helmets come in a variety of designs and features to be able to suit different needs. Quality is a must picking out your helmet.

This will ensure that the best protection is provided while still being comfortable to use. It will also prevent you from straining your neck which can also affect your physical health.

Here’s a list of reliable welding helmet brands that you can check out:


The company is known for being the supplier of Speedglas Welding Helmets and Systems. It is their product line that provides protection for the eyes, face and respiratory system.

With their knowledge and experience with regards to the working environment of welders, they have developed products to make welding safer and more comfortable. All without compromising performance.

The Speedglas technology use state-of-the-art electronics in making the helmet tough and sturdy to be able to withstand the working conditions of a welder. The helmet is a combination of rugged textile and plastic to provide a lightweight, protective headgear.

It is also designed with a built-in fan to provide a fresh air system inside the gear. Unlike traditional filters and shields, the Speedglas filter is made up of a hand-assembled seven-layer laminate that have undergone several quality assurance checks. The company offers several lines of helmets all with the Speedglas feature on it.


The Lincoln brand is considered to be among the most popular brands when it comes to welding. It also carries a range of high quality and reliable welding helmet series to suit a variety of needs.

They offer the VIKING series of welding helmets with auto-darkening capabilities which is modern innovation in welding helmets where it is equipped with a special LCD lens which are very sensitive to changing light conditions.

This feature allows the welder to see through the helmet screen clearly because it has plenty of light sensors near the lens that are designed to monitor heat and arc initiation. With these abilities, the screen can automatically lighten or darken in just a fraction of time depending on the emission of radiation.


For years, Hobart has been known in the welding industry to manufacture and supply welding helmets and other related materials. Most Hobart welding helmets have auto-darkening features and several added features to accommodate a variety of needs. Hobart welding helmets are lightweight, have fast reaction time and very clear lenses.

Many welders also prefer the comfort their helmets provide as well as the rugged shell design present in all their helmet models which ensure that the gear is durable and sturdy enough to protect your head in various working conditions.

Hobart carries four series of different welding helmets for all skill levels. The Discovery Series is designed for the hobbyist and occasional welder. It provides a standard lens with dual arc sensors and grind mode to protect the welder when preparing to weld a surface.

It also provides an external shade control for a range of MIG, stick and TIG applications. They also offer the Impact Series intended for a more professional group of welders and fabrication.

These helmets are provided with a large viewing area, three arc sensors and a weld and grind mode. You can also choose from a wider selection of shade settings that are flexible enough to accommodate low-light situations. The PRO Series is the company’s premium line of welding helmets.

They contain the largest viewing area for the ultimate visibility as well as four arc sensors. Hobart also sells a variety of more affordable passive welding helmets that comes with a #10 shade lens. This helmet has replacement shades sold separately.

Jackson Safety

A brand under Kimberly-Clark Professional, Jackson Safety provides essential personal protection equipment for different needs. They are among the most trusted brands that provide quality welding helmets.

They provide helmets with auto-darkening capabilities with fixed and variable shades that can be used by novice and expert welders. Their helmets are lightweight and sit comfortably on the head. The helmets also offer good color recognition during use.

The range of shades the helmets offer are wide enough for novice and professional use. They are also effective in protecting your head, especially your eyes during welding applications while still offering ease-of-use and a good amount of visibility.


Also known as Millerwelds, this brand has been in the welding industry since 1929. They were the first to get the ISO 9001:2000 standard within the U.S.

Not only do they manufacture welding helmets, they are also known to produce other products and accessories related to the field of welding, machinery and heavy equipment.

Miller digital helmets are known for their sleek designs used in a variety of industrial welding needs. They also have anti-heat characteristics for the auto-darkening type.

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