XDH Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask Review

XDH Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask Review

The XDH Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is an option if you want to have the modern helmet while remaining on a budget. Like other ADF welding helmet models, the mask can automatically dim the screen to a darker shade to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of looking at welding arcs directly.

Features of the XDH Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welders Welding Helmet Mask

Viewing area.

This welding helmet has an adequately sized screen that measures 3 5/8 x 1 5/8 inches allowing you to be able take a good look on your welding area.

Auto-darkening feature.

Like more expensive models, it also features an auto-darkening lens that automatically dims once the unit detects the welding arc.

Shade Adjustment.

You can manually adjust the shade settings to a lighter shade when welding thin materials, and a darker shade for more intense welding jobs. Dark shades controls are from #9-#13 while the clear shade is set with the #4 shade lens.

Sensitivity Adjustment.

The helmet also offers adjustability options for sensitivity settings with regards to the ambient light and the brightness of the arc produced. This is useful so that this feature will not dim or lighten the shade inappropriately.

Shade Delay.

This refers to the amount of time the auto-darkening feature will transition from a dark to a lighter shade. The default time is set at 1/25,000 seconds delay. Tweaking this adjustment is also useful, especially when you are welding heavy material and the molten particles remain very bright.

Grinding mode.

Change between welding and grinding mode using the switch provided.

Solar powered.

Uses lithium ion battery cells that only needs charging under the sunlight.

Safety standards.

The XDH Auto Darkening Welding Helmet complies with the CE and ANSI Z87 standards. It also has UV and UR protection up to shade DIN 16 at all times.

Has a ratchet adjustable head strap.


  • Full-face coverage and protection.
  • The auto-darkening feature is most convenient as the dark shade lens must not be removed frequently in order to inspect your work site before and after welding.
  • Charging requires exposure to sunlight, no need to constantly change batteries.
  • Fast reaction and recovery time.
  • Offers adjustability options for various settings.
  • Very affordable welding helmet with auto-darkening feature.
  • Has option for grinding. A feature which other models sometimes lack.


  • Viewing area is quite small, yet still manageable.


The XDH Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a great option for those who want an affordable welding helmet with the auto-darkening feature. This is quite a great deal since most reviews surrounding this helmet are positive.

If you are a casual welder or a hobbyist this is a great cost-effective option for an ADF helmet.


The AUDEW Adjustable Auto Darkening Solar Welding Helmet is a high-end, affordable option that you may want to check out as an alternative. Like the XDH, it is also solar-powered using lithium batteries and has an auto-darkening feature that enables the viewing screen to automatically transition to a darker shade upon detecting the welding arc.

It offers a fast reaction time of less than <1/30000 seconds under normal temperature conditions. Sensitivity adjustments are also allowed for a more customized experience. It has a wide viewing area measuring 3.62 x 1.66 inches and a weight of just 0.2 ounces.

You can also choose between welding mode and grinding mode. For the welding mode, the shade can darken between shades 9 to 13 while on grinding mode, shade #4 is used which is adequate to protect your eyes from the usual sparks produced when grinding. The lens also provides protection from UV and IR.

Another alternative option is the Coocheer Solar Arc Tig Mig Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet. For its auto-darkening feature, it has 2 arc sensors to monitor initiation of the welding arc. The shade switches from light to dark in just 1/30000 seconds or less on normal temperature conditions.

Dark shades range from shades 9 to 13 and shade 4 is also used for the grinding function. Sensitivity and time delay are both adjustable.

View your work area through its decently sized screen measuring 3.74 x 1.87 x 0.23 inches. The helmet is made from strong, polypropylene material and designed with a patriotic design.


The XDH Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is the most affordable among the three. It’s a great piece of headgear that will work as expected. It’s a great buy for beginners looking for an affordable and reliable helmet to use while mastering their skills.

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